Selection of the most memorable advertising prints with politicians.


United Colors of Benetton. Unhate Obama vs Ugo Chavez

Geogre Bush bbq

Amnesty Iinternational Putin print ad

Russia today Obama who poses the greater nuclear threat

Obama vs Klinton. Censorship tells the wrong story

Reporters Without Borders: Gaddafi. Only free press can hurt them

United Colors of Benetton. Unhate North South Korea ads

Reporters Without Borders Kim Chen Ir

International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) Korea Kim Chen Ir

Amnesty International logo on Kim Chen Ir nose

Dream Land. Kim Chen Ir Korea. Who says there;s no rest for the wicked

Reporters Without Borders. Putin And now the real news

Peta. Berluskoni. Too much sex can be a bad thing.. for dogs and cats too

NIKOL. Obama. Stop using newspapers

Sonntags Zeitung. Obama. Inside the story

Tesa, Berlusconi. I am the best political leader in Europe and all the world

Lotte Yoga School. Berluskoni. Yoga for greater self control

Reporters Without Borders Gaddafy/ Some mouth will never speak the truth

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